Arduino Powered Model Rocket Launcher

Get the Android project here:  source zip  |  binary apk

The app, in its current form, is very basic.  It should be considered an alpha or beta release at best, and is currently based on the Android app tutorial on google’s website.  I think it’s best to describe with three lists.  What it does, what it doesn’t do, and what I’d like to add.

What it does:

  • Checks to see if bluetooth is available on a phone, and if so, attempts to connect to an associated device named “Launchpad”
  • Allows user to enter a 4-digit numeric code to send to Launchpad

What it doesn’t do (yet, anyway):

  • Show the user a list of bluetooth devices to select from
  • Pair with the launcher, this must be done before running the app
  • Check to see if the code was accepted

What I’d like to add:

  • Skin support to make the UI look nicer, with a proper touch keypad for code entry
  • Launch countdown and feedback shown on app
  • Configure launcher from app
  • Everything in the not yet list

I have started a proper app that will hopefully address these items, but for now, the current testing app gets the job done and does allow launching model rockets with a smartphone.  And here’s what it looks like:

smartphone app screenshot

Emulated screenshot of current app for testing

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