Hour of Code 2013

Still working on putting things back together here, but in the meantime, I wanted to mention something important.

Saw an article on slashdot about the 2013 Hour of Code.  I tried out a few of the tutorials myself, and I think they do a good job of showing how to begin thinking like a programmer without getting dragged down into details of compilers, language, and so on.  I think that CS education needs to improve, and the best way to do so is through programs like this, so check it out and see if there’s any way you can help out this year.

Pardon my dust

Drupal was getting too time-intensive to keep maintained properly, so I’m switching this website over to wordpress.  I’ll be adding content back in in the next few days.  Until then, please just bear with me as the style and layout may change several times until I find what I like.  After that I’ll try to get project write-ups up, but my time is somewhat limited at the moment.